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Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV – at its finest!

Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV specialise in providing temporary CCTV and video solutions to a wide variety of remote video access challenges, including a discrete video-verified alarm. All solutions are power-independent and communicate via the mobile network to relay the cause of an activation or stream live video to a remote user.

Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV temporary watch service runs on a weekly basis, allowing you to obtain protection for a site from 13 weeks to over 52 weeks. With our enhanced systems, we are able to actively monitor your site for audio & sound changes, along with providing telephone handsets & connectivity. We can ensure that your site runs at optimum efficiency through the use of police-approved systems meaning that you are getting the very best for your money. Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV promise the best products and services, for the best price!

Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV – we are the best in the game!

Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV services are designed around a client’s specific needs to provide a solution that directly meets their challenges. Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV use IP camera technology that allows for complex configurations and sharp, high-definition images that can be viewed either locally or remotely online. Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV ensure you are only paying for what you need! That is what sets us apart!

Whether you operate a small or large construction project in a single location, or numerous small compounds on a civil engineering project, Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV security alarm system provides a stable, flexible, and cost-effective temporary security solution for protecting plant, materials, and structures without the problems inherent to fixed cabled systems, the unreliability of CCTV towers and much more! Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV provide the best temporarily CCTV services in the United Kingdom! Who knows, we may branch out!

Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV – our products, just for you!

Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV product and services are ideal for any businesses who cannot afford heavy installation costs of an onsite CCTV system but would like the peace of mind of their business being monitored 24/7. Our temporarily CCTV systems are the ones for you! These alarm units with in-built cameras can be installed almost anywhere without the need of power or the internet. The product is ideal for construction sites, warehouses, derelict buildings and much, much more. We continue to build our range, to suit all clients.

Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV – number one!

Thanks to our rapid deployment CCTV cameras, Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV can have CCTV operational on any site within 24 hours, even when there is no electrical power available. Our technical expertise and continuous investments in state-of-the-art technology ensures we find ways to keep you safe, as quickly and less costly as possible.

Boss Serve Temporarily CCTV are the ones for you!