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Drainage vs. Preventative Cleaning Services vs. Jet Washing

Drainage Cleaning Service vs. Preventative Cleaning Service vs. Jet Washing
Drainage Cleaning Service vs. Preventative Cleaning Service vs. Jet Washing

Have you ever been standing ankle-deep in water due to a clogged drain? Or have you been interrupted during a relaxing shower by sluggish water drainage, causing a miniature flood in your bathroom? If this sounds all too familiar, understanding the difference between drainage cleaning, preventative cleaning services, and jet washing might save you from future mishaps.

Why is it important to know the differences and which method could be the right solution for you? In cleaning services, professionals use distinct procedures to tackle specific issues.

Knowing how they work can help you choose the most appropriate method when necessary.

Drainage Cleaning Service

Drainage cleaning swiftly tackles and removes blockages within pipes, offering immediate relief from issues like water backup. Employing techniques such as manual rodding or chemical cleaning it clears obstructions to restore flow.

Though effective immediately, it doesn’t prevent future clogs, acting more as a quick fix than a lasting solution.


  • Problem-Oriented: Drainage cleaning is primarily used to remove unwanted blockages. When a problem has already occurred, this is the go-to method for most professionals.
  • Quick: Drainage cleaning is typically quick, making it an efficient solution to immediate issues.


  • Temporary Fix: While it can solve the immediate blockage, it does not necessarily prevent future clogs and is often viewed as a temporary fix.

Preventative Cleaning Service

Preventative cleaning serves as proactive upkeep, aiming to avert drainage problems before they occur. By scheduling regular cleanings, debris accumulation is deterred, and blockage risks are reduced, thus lessening emergency repair needs.

This routine maintenance ensures pipes remain clear and functional, offering peace of mind and cost savings over time.


  • Prevention is Better Than Cure: As the name suggests, preventative cleaning aims to prevent drainage issues in the first place.
  • Regular Maintenance: It is a part of regular maintenance that offers long-term benefits and can lengthen the lifespan of your drainage system.


  • Frequent Services Required: Preventative cleaning requires regular services to maintain its effectiveness.

Jet Washing

Jet washing uses high-pressure water streams for deep cleaning surfaces and clearing drain blockages. Ideal for removing stubborn dirt from outdoor spaces like driveways or for intensive drain cleaning, its effectiveness is unmatched.

However, professional handling is advised to prevent damage from the powerful jet.


  • Deep Cleaning: Jet washing, or pressure washing, removes build-up more thoroughly than standard cleaning, making it excellent for tough grime and clogs.
  • Versatile: Besides drainage, it is also suitable for surfaces like patios and driveways.


  • Potential Damage: If not done correctly, the high pressure could cause damage.

Bottom Line: A Short Information From Cleaning Experts

From residents in Yorkshire to local businesses in North West, Midlands, or London, the best cleaning company, like Boss Serve for your needs, will offer various services. Whether you’re facing a blockage today or looking to invest in preventative measures for tomorrow, understanding these strategies can ensure you make a well-informed decision for the cleanliness and health of your property.