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Boss Serve London – The heart of the United Kingdom

Our team is on hand for your every security need, and much more! For over 12 months, Boss Serve has been providing a wide range of clients with ‘waking watch’ patrol services in properties all over the UK including Salford, Bristol, Portsmouth, Reading and Nottingham. We respect the fact that our clients have placed enormous trust in us carrying out this most important of tasks. Every site at which we operate is subject to full operational and health and safety assessments by our managers who then carry out in-depth briefings with our designated waking watch officers, all of whom are fire marshal trained.

Building our business in the heart of Bradford and then into London, meant helping to reassure business, locally and nationally. But our main aim was to secure the heart of London. We have helped many businesses in West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, to secure their premises, for short and long term – because we believe it is vital that you feel safe and those around you, buildings and employees, or family feel protected.

Boss Serve London – Where safety is at heart

All patrols are monitored in real time and retrospectively using GPS technology allowing our control room and our clients to know exactly where our officers are patrolling at any given time. During their shift, our officers also complete Fire Safety Check Lists as recommended by the NFCC which are then given to our client. We believe our waking watch service is one of the most experienced, professional, and well respected out there and if you are considering this service, we strongly recommend you speak to us first.

And we are thankful to those who trusted us with the security of their businesses and homes. Imagine knowing that your home or business premises are secured and safe – for both you and your family or employees. It is the exact piece of mind every building needs. And that is why Boss Serve London exist. Let Boss Serve protect you and your business with a fully integrated waking watch system. We ensure you and your premises, stock or equipment are protected all year round, 24/7. Boss Serve promise to protect the most important valuables in your life, from your business, family, and employees.

Boss Serve London – Family, Friends, and Protection

Boss Serve are aware that not every business is the same, and that is exactly why we create the perfect package for you. No two businesses are the same, and that is why we are the chosen team! As well as detecting intruders, our waking watch service will help deter break-ins you can be confident all Boss Serve staff are trained and equipped. We aim to keep on top with our packages, and products, to protect you! Have anything in mind? Contact our friendly team today who are onboard with your calls!

We also provide a Waking Watch Service for high-rise flats, which involves a fire marshal on patrol around the premises who is able to instruct & direct those at risk if there is ever a fire or other imminent safety risk. This service is of particular importance given the tragic event that occurred at Grenfell Tower – we believe that such a service should never be required but if there ever is such an instance of a fire in a high-rise flat, we believe our trained fire marshals will be able to mitigate any lives lost or injuries sustained.

Boss Serve London – London and Boss Serve

When you begin working with Boss Serve, it’s important to understand exactly what they’ll be doing for you before you agree to anything, we make sure that pre-assignment reviews are prepared. This allows us to promise that concise service instructions are always made available and the content of which includes all client instructions to be clearly understood, implemented, and fulfilled. There is no small print because we believe that there is nothing to hide – because we believe in the entire truth, in big print! Boss Serve will continue to provide honest, and trustworthy services because this is what we believe in! Boss Serve will and will continue to protect and help those that need us most!

Boss Serve London – why Boss Serve?

Boss Serve and their dedicated team are available to assist with all customer queries and requests relating to the security of their properties with any short-term needs and alterations being dealt with efficiently. With the best prices around, and with top qualified people – you cannot go wrong! Boss Serve are the team for you!